“Be The Solution” Tour

Be the Solution 2010 College Campus Tour:

How to Live an Entrepreneurial Life of Doing Good and Having Fun

Magatte Wade and Michael Strong

Speaking on

Entrepreneurial Solutions to African Problems and Global Problems


2010 College Campus Tour

An engaging evening to stimulate mind, heart, body, and spirit.


For Details, See:

Be the Solution 2010 College Campus Tour


6 thoughts on ““Be The Solution” Tour”

  1. I really do appreciate this ideas you are having an these works you are doing. But i do only have one question ? How can we inspired our african brothers and sisters with african models if most of the youngsters dont belive in those models?
    İ’m medecine student and founder of my university international students in Turkey and really patriotic person , im havind too many ideas of promoting African’s traditions and economy but dont know from where to start. Recently one of my friend told me if i could write a book i could be nice but will it be read. Because from my point of view most of the people wont listen to the crude right cause it hurts i have to do it in a smooth way and i do not have any idea. If you could be of any help it would be great. Merci Yalla na Yalla diapallé.

  2. Dado Ndiaye said:

    Im really proud of you Magatte… Its an honor for me to see my fellow senegalese leading.. God Bless you. Yallah nala Yallah lafal thiaatt :)

  3. Please, I would like to read your works if any. I am glad to see an African woman speaking with boldness, telling the world we Africans can make diffirences. Jesus help me I will reach the higher ground.

  4. I honest appreciate God for your life. I was inspired to think big when I listened to CNN interviewing you. Please do not chang your mind about Africa. I am writer in making. I need your advice. Thanks

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