Mes Principes

Personal responsibility for one’s actions
Take initiative in one’s live
Independent thinking
Be true to oneself
Creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship
Authentic value creation
Criticize by creating
Lifelong learning and growth
Success based on merit
The pursuit of lifelong goals, visions, dreams, and ideals
Personal health and well-being first, so to better help others
Keep a sense of humor and lightness, rather than taking oneself too seriously
Start again, even after an apparent failure
Honest and fair competition
Embrace difference and diversity as a strength
Take action now rather than tomorrow
Be willing to give and take constructive criticism
Be courageous and principled
Devotion to that which is true, good, and noble
Shake up the status quo
Meaning and purpose in one’s life
Sense of wonder
Hard work
Politeness and civility in one’s interactions with others and respect for all
Communicate hard truths
Look for win-win-win solutions to the world’s problems
Accept change
Honesty and integrity
Universal excellence
Environmental stewardship
Adhere to world-class standards or create higher standards where appropriate
Support open societies that allow opportunity for all based on merit
Cherish the best of the one’s own culture while embracing the best of other cultures
Create a world that promotes prosperity, harmony, and mutual respect for all
Peaceful solutions that accelerate the human race towards world peace